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Mario's Bio

  • Date of Birth: 19th May 1979
  • Birth place: Albania
  • Height: 1m 76cm
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Nationality: Albanian

Signature Cocktails

Awards, Accolades and Trophies

2006 : Best Bloody Mary Winner in London

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Q & A

What do you as a mixologist think about beer?
Hate it.

Any brews of note for you?

If you could offer a couple of short pieces of advice to the average bartender, what would they be?
Bartender is neither a MC nor a director. He should be a reserved advisor who leads-but never misleads-his guests. If you respect your guests, they will respect you too. Know your regular guests and their customary drinks. Know your way around difficult drinks. You are more than merely an expert drink mixer-you are a host to genial guests, a tamer of brutish guests, and a therapist to the melancholy, you are the star of the show that you are running. All of this requires years of experience, lots of reading, and a huge passion about bartending.

Surely you have some pet peeves about bartenders -- care to share?
No, sorry.

How did you get started?
As a barback.

How were you trained in bartending?
Starting from "0" and exploring the wonderful world of bartending.

Did you take any courses?

What's your process for creating a new cocktail?
Depending on the mood you are in, the situation/everything around you can impact the cocktail.

What is your favourite cocktail to drink?
Rum Old Fashioned.

To make?

What are some of your favourite tools?
Spoon, shaker, opener.

What is your favourite mixology resource?
Borough Market + Gerry's soho.

What does success mean for you?
Proving you are better than everyone else.

What are some current trends you've seen in the cocktail market?
Molecular mixology, Dry Ice.

What goes into creating a cocktail?
Passion for making something different.

And what inspired you in the first place?
Passion for the industry/mixing.

What is your favourite drink to make?

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Still in this industry, still creating new cocktails, playing with new flavours.

If you weren't in the drinks industry, what do you think you would be doing now?
Running the country.

Your hangover cure?
Get drunk again.

Your biggest career influencer?
My idol bartender.

First drink you ever tried?
Sex on the beach.

We've all had a bad experience with at least one drink. What drink do you most avoid?
Flaming Lamborghini.

£10m comes to you. What do you do next?

Bar or cellar at home?
Yes, both.

Favourite beer?


Angostura 1824 rum.

Old Fashioned.

Fav Bar?
Library Bar.

Asia De Cuba.

World location?
Albanian Alps.

Fav film?



Michael Jackson.


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