1948 Sour Recipe

1948 Sour
Created By:
Submitted By: Carl Anthony Brown
Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Cherry
Method: First as always, lets take our glass, ice it using crushed ice (Be sure to always use a ice scoop, never put glass in the well). Now take your Small tin and add the ingredients its best to always add the cheapest first in case you make a mistake. So add Lemon, egg white, honey, peach & hibiscus liquor and the Amrut. Then we break the rules by adding a dash of soda, this really is a minimal amount, about 5mls to help fluff the egg white. Next fill your shaker with cubed ice, fill the ice to the top of the shaker to measure it, we cant really count and measure each ice cube so that every drink has the same amount can we? cap it and shake hard. Empty you glass and refill it with fresh cubed ice, then double strain the drink using your Hawthorn and your fine strain over the ice. Garnish the drink with a cherry and serve onto a doily.
Notes: "Dry whisky tannins play with the creamy foam of egg-white in the mouth. Peach, hibiscus, honey, fresh lemon and India's highly acclaimed whisky, Amrut - nectar of the gods from the churning ocean". As we know the sour is a lesser punch and one of the drinks that really started the cocktail industry. A sour is simply lemon, sugar, spirit & water, shaken up and can be served with or without ice. Traditionally as the point of the drink was for a quick fix during a busy day a sour would normally be shaken with ice and served without. The 1948 sour breaks the rules of the sour slightly but still has its roots in this base. The full blown peat and oaky vanilla is brought out buy the use of a peach liquor and honey as a sweetener. We also use egg white and a dash of soda to form a thick velvety head to capture the aroma in a similar way that Belgium beers have a large head to keep the flavour.
Amount Ingredient
20 ml Bernard Loiseau - Creme de Peches Fleur d'Hibiscus
25 ml Amrut - Single Malt
1 Egg White
5 ml Honey
0.5 ml Lemon Squeezed
10 ml Fever Tree - Premium Soda Water


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