Edwina's Affair Recipe

Edwina's Affair
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Submitted By: Carl Anthony Brown
Groups: Gin Cocktails
Method: To begin with lets grab our Copper cup and place it on the bar top. Again remember the simple base to the Julep, MINT, SUGAR, SPIRIT, WATER. Lets take our small pinch of coriander, ensure it looks fresh, and drop it into the cup. Now our large handful of fresh green mint, and roll it in our palms before dropping into the cup. We can then squeeze a wedge of lime over the herbs, and be sure to throw away the shell. To this base lets add 10mls Briottet Liqueur de Rose, 15ml of homemade rose & cardamom, 25ml and Guava juice. Then place your swizzle stick into the cup. Using the swizzle stick lightly press the ingredients together. We want to infuse the rose and the mint, don't forget that we're making a "Medicinal" drink here. Fill the cup to the top with crushed ice and vigorously churn the mix. Pause, and add your 35ml of Portobello gin. Continue to churn until the drink is one inch from the top. Remove the swizzle stick and then cap with crushed ice. (When capping, be sure to simply drop a large scoop of ice onto the top of the drink, any excess will fall away. This method will ensure an even, cold seal.) Take a generous bunch of mint, slap it against the back of your hand to release the flavours and tuck it neatly into one edge of the cup. Next to the mint place 2 julep straws, and fold a napkin in half, wet the corners and wrap round the cup. The final piece of this drink is to place 3 candied rose petals on the top of the cap, representing a rose.
Notes: "The hush-hush love triangle of gin, rose and cardamom, in a secret garden of fresh mint, strewn with candied rose petals. Light, refreshing, captivating." The heart of this drink is the two stories of its design. First the love triangle between Edwina, Dicki and Nehru, and second the historical values of the word Julep. The word Julep derives from the Arabic word for "Rose". When looking back into this we can see ties between an old 13C medicinal drink of rose water and mint, and how that drink, could have, and probably did evolve word Julep. With this historical backing we embellished the use of rose in a julep. The second of the stories is that of lord and lady Mountbatten, and Jawaharlal Nehru (founder of modern india) and the love triangle between them. In short Lord "Dickie" Mountbatten was the viceroy of India and handed India its independence from the British Raj in1947 to Nehru. Behind the scenes Nehru was having an affair with Edwina, Dickies wife. There isn't the room to tell the whole story here so here is a link to the whole story.
Amount Ingredient
35 ml Portobello Road Gin - No 171
10 ml Briottet - Liqueur de Rose
15 ml Rose & Cardamon Syrup
25 ml Guava Juice
1 Large Handful ml Fresh Mint
1 pinch(es) Fresh Corriander
1 Wedge Lime
3 Candy Rose


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