East India Gimlet Recipe

East India Gimlet
Created By:
Submitted By: Carl Anthony Brown
Groups: Gin Cocktails
Glass: Coupette / Margarita
Garnish: Sprout of Dill
Method: First of all take you coupe glass and ice it, put a dash of soda in the glass with the ice to help cool it down quickly. The take your shaker and place it on the bar top. Into the shaker add a pinch of dill, a single wedge of lime squeezed, 50mls gin and 50mls Roses Lime cordial. Had ice to the shaker, cap it and shake hard. You want to freeze down the drink as quickly as possible so that it doesn't water down the drink to much. Empty the ice from you glass and fine strain the drink in. Garnish the drink with a small fresh sprout of dill.
Notes: "The classic Gimlet was devised for sailors to evade scurvy. This one shakes Portabello Road Gin with Rose's lime and a touch of celery bitters." The word "gimlet" used in this sense is first attested in 1928. The most obvious derivation is from the tool for drilling small holes, whose name is also used figuratively to describe somethingas sharp or piercing. Thus, the cocktail may have been named for its "penetrating" effects on the drinker. Another theory is that the drink was named after British Royal Navy Surgeon Rear- Admiral Sir Thomas Gimlette KCB (served 1879 to 1913), who allegedly introduced this drink as a means of inducing his messmates to take lime juice as an anti-scurvy medication. Limes and other citrus fruit have been used by the Royal Navy for the prevention of scurvy since the mid-18th century.
Amount Ingredient
1 pinch(es) Dill
2 dash(es) The Bitter Truth - Celery
50 ml Portobello Road Gin - No 171
50 ml Rose Lime Cordial
1 Wedge ml Lime


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