Presidency Punch Recipe

Presidency Punch
Created By:
Submitted By: Carl Anthony Brown
Glass: Punch Glass
Notes: "As with cocktail, it would take a few years before people would bother to define the drink for those playing the home game. Punch got there in 1638, when johan Albert de Mandelslo, a young german adventure, washed up at the company's factory in Surat. There he found the factors irrigating themselves with a kind of drink consisting of qua-vitae, rose water, juice or citrons and sugar." "A recipe first written down by General Sir John Gayer, Governor of the East India Company's Bombay "Presidency". A magnificent sharing concoction of jaggery, lime and Ceylon arrack, served over cubed ice in a vintage copper bowl. Ladle into dainty copper cups and crumble in jaggery, to taste. It would be ornamental were it not so good to drink." As Sir John's predecessor warned in 1676: "The usuall effect of that accursed Bombay punch involves its consumers besotting themselves with drunkenness, and then quarreling, dueling and committing any number of other acts, to the shame, scandall and ruine of our nation and religion."
Amount Ingredient
75 ml Lime Juice
100 ml Jaggery Reduction
225 ml Ceylon Arrack
300 ml Green & Bayleaf Tea
Grated Nutmeg
Ice To Chill


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