The Savoury Spice Recipe

The Savoury Spice
Created By:
Submitted By: Thomas Gedney Higham
Glass: Martini / Cocktail
Method: Muddle, Shake & Fine Strain. Add pickled onion and red onion and dash of tobasco to boston glass and muddle, Add all rest of ingredients and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Fine Strain into un-chilled martini glass as to avoid over dilution. Garnish with Pickled Onion & Red Onion on a cocktail stick. Serve!
Amount Ingredient
50 ml Polugar - No. 2 (Garlic & Pepper)
1 dash(es) Tabasco Sauce
1 Slice Pickled Onion
1 Slice Red Onion
5 ml Monin - Gomme (Sugar Syrup)
15 ml Fresh Lime
25 ml Fresh Pressed Apple Juice
5 ml Licor 43 - Cuarenta y Tres


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