Rum Puppy Recipe

Rum Puppy
Created By:
Submitted By: Joe Lynn
Glass: Hurricane
Method: Add the sugar and Bounty White Rum to your blender and turn it on for 20-30 seconds to start dissolving the sugar. Top and tail your lime, discard the ends and dice the rest of the lime. Now add the Bounty Lime Rum Liqueur, pineapple juice and diced lime (with all the skin and pith!) to the blender with lots of ice – get that baby spinning right round like a record until you get yourselves a slushie-like consistency. Share around in the easiest to grab vessel, stick in some lime wedges or wheels, maybe some cocktail umbrellas, and get that party started!
Origin: Batch cocktail, serves 4, requires a blender/food processor.
Amount Ingredient
100 ml Bounty Rum - Coconut
100 ml Bounty Rum - Lime
1 Lime
4 barspoon Sugar
200 ml Fresh Pineapple Juice


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