Finist Martini Recipe

Finist Martini
Created By:
Submitted By: Boutique Brands
Groups: Vodka Cocktails
Glass: Martini
Garnish: Olive or Lemon Twist
Method: Stir and strain.
Notes: You could stumble down a very deep, dark rabbit hole trying to determine who mixed the world’s first Martini. Many different stories, no ones will leave you feeling as blissful and content as a well-made Dry Martini. Start with a smooth, elegant and premium Vodka. From there, add a little (not too much!) dry vermouth. And despite the prissy demands of a certain fictional British spy, stir (don’t shake!) it with ice and strain it into a glass named after the cocktail itself. Twist a lemon peel, or add an olive and there you have it, a Dry Martini!
Amount Ingredient
50 ml Finist - Supreme Vodka
5 ml Dry Vermouth


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