Batanga Margarita Recipe

Batanga Margarita
Created By:
Submitted By: Matt Hurst
Glass: Margarita
Garnish: Orange Peel
Method: Add all ingredients to shaker and double strain into a large coupe with ice, garnish with orange peel. We add a salt rim on request. The orange peel complements the triple sec, the sherbet adds length, the combination of both tequilas creates depth. The blanco is limey and fresh and the reposado is smoky and tropical. Very satisfying.
Notes: What is a sherbet? - A combination of citrus fruit peel and sugar which are pounded together to draw out the oil from the skin into the sugar, citrus fruit juice is added and the mixture is fine strained. Why use sherbet? - The oil adds a very long finish and intensity to the drink.
Amount Ingredient
20 ml Batanga - Blanco
20 ml Batanga - Reposado
20 ml Fresh Lime Juice
10 ml Merlet - Triple Sec
1 barspoon Lime Sherbet


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