Fresh Start Recipe

Fresh Start
Created By:
Submitted By: Mickael Perron
Groups: Mocktails
Glass: Collins / Highball
Garnish: Use the same ingredients & be creative: black olive, mint, coriander, cucumber & black pepper
Method: First muddle the cucumber in the bottom of a mixing glass and add the mint plus coriander. Pour the lemon juice and the white grape juice over the paste and shake the mixture with ice until all the flavours and paste liquidises. Pour into glass; pour the sparkling water and add the orange bitters, then strain the mixture over to mix naturally. Finally add ice, the garnish and a straw.
Notes: Mickael Perron's commented, 'I was stunned when I reached the final of a world cocktail championship, but I was more surprised when I won my ticket to the World Non Alcoholic Cocktail Competition. It was an incredible experience, and I understood that to create a great cocktail, with or without alcohol, it requires as much passion, creativity and knowledge. The fresh start was my creation and I won the contest, and I believe that a good Non Alcoholic cocktail is definitely worth a taste. If you are the type of person to eat a light salad at lunchtime, then the Fresh Start is definitely your drink. You can make it at home, and imagine what the result could be if you would pour a little bit of vodka over the top???'
Origin: Angostura Orange Bitters Launch - 2007 Recipe adapted from Mickael Perron's recipe that won world Non Alcoholic Cocktail Championship - IBA Mattoni Grand Drink.
Amount Ingredient
100 ml Highland Spring - Sparkling Water
5 dash(es) Angostura - Aromatic Bitters
100 ml White Grape Juice
15 ml Funkin - Pure Pour Lime Juice (1 Litre)
1 slice(s) Cucumber (1cm)
10 Mint Leaves
3 Coriander Sprigs


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