Legends Martini Recipe

Legends Martini
Created By:
Submitted By: Dale DeGroff
Groups: Vodka Cocktails
Glass: Martini / Cocktail
Garnish: Lemon spiral peel
Method: Prepare a martini glass by frosting the rim with a mixture of 4 parts granulated sugar and one part ginger powder. Place the piece of ginger, the Cointreau, and the elderflower cordial in the bottom of a bar glass and muddle (mash) well together. Assemble all the remaining ingredients and shake well with ice. Strain into the prepared glass and place the lemon spiral on the edge of the glass.
Notes: A lemon peel will suffice if the tool is not available to prepare lemon spirals.
Origin: Created this for Oprah Winfrey at her 50th birthday celebration.
Amount Ingredient
45 ml Grey Goose
15 ml Cointreau
8 ml Elderflower Cordial
15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15 ml White Cranberry Juice
1 Piece of Ginger (20p Size)


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