Moh Hee Toh Recipe

Moh Hee Toh
Created By:
Submitted By: Papa Jules
Groups: Rum Cocktails
Glass: Collins / Highball
Garnish: Mint Sprig
Method: Muddle the mint leaves with the sugar syrup. Build the other ingredients in the glass and add a dash of soda water. Best selling and a world famous long refreshing cocktail fantastic for the summer.
Notes: The Mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail which became popular in the United States and London during the late 1980s, and has recently seen a massive resurgence in popularity. Bacardi rum was the first recorded mojito recipe recorded in 1931 in Cuban cookery. It called for: ... 'a teaspoonful of sugar, the juice of green lim, a sprig of mint, one jigger of bacardi rum, several piece of ice, fill glass with soda water, stir with a long spoon'.
Origin: There are a lot of stories about its origin I give you two versions that Papa Jules particularly likes. Number One: Papa's friend Charles has got an academic version. A pirate in Havana in 1586 call Richard Drake, was looking for some spices and was cruising around the Caribbean. The drink used to be called the 'Drake' on his ship and he was making the drink with 'aguardiente', mint and sugar cane and it was served with a wooden spoon embellished with a cock's tail (thus cocktail). Mojo is actually an African word meaning 'to place a spell', the name Mojito (basically meaning 'little spell' was then formally adopted. Papa's version is that: His grandfather told him that the recipe was firstly made by his great, great, great father in 1550. Sir Pepe Gualdoni used to cruise around the Caribbean with his wife Marita. He had a little house on the island with a garden in the back. He made his own punch (from which Papa made Papa Jules Mahiki Punch) by using fresh herbs and fruit from his garden. When he imported mint for the first time to the island, he made the drink on the voyage using the only things available: mint and sugar cane. He loved it so much that when he got pissed with his mates, the ice maker of Saint Lucia, he made only this version of the drink for Mr Hoshisaki, who famously couldn't say a word properly and called his wife Marita, Mojito.
Amount Ingredient
50 ml Havana Club - Anejo Especial
25 ml Monin - Gomme (Sugar Syrup)
25 ml Lime Juice
10 Mint Leaves
1 dash(es) Soda Water


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