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Phillips - Shrub Cordial

Old English Cordial

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  • ABV5.3%

Bottled July 2020, best before date July 2023.

Savour this old English alcoholic cordial, originally distilled from Devon herbs and spices.

Using J.R Phillips' secret recipe, handed down through the generation as a timeless classic, and still one of Devon's most popular imbibes.

Shrub originally used in Cornwall during the old days of rum smuggling to disguise the taste of sea water let in during the perilous journey from ship to shore.

Shrub is still Rum's perfect partner, but why not try a glassfull of shrub neat, to warm up a winter evening.


Peter magor 2019-06-23 13:02:09

Just re looked at my previous comment I will try again to get it right I come from padstow in Cornwall I was weaned on shrub in my early drinking days ,it is widely used as a mixer with dark rum smugglers used it to make rum taste better after rum was contaminated with salt after being in the sea try it it's a good drink

Peter Magor 2018-12-01 10:58:11

I was we end on rum and shrub from an early age I was born in Padstow, it is always my favourite tipple

Josephine Phillips 2011-01-24 19:56:09

I was first introduced to Shrub some months ago by a friend who enjoys a Rum and Shrub on a regular basis. After my first taste I was completed hooked. The two drinks compliment each other perfectly - each bringing out the best flavour of the other and the overall effect is that of a rich liqueur. I have searched for it in vain at local outlets so was delighted to find it is available on line at TheDrinkShop. I am just about to place my first order!

Robert Wallace 2007-03-19 17:39:43

I discovered this drink last year whilst on holiday in St Agnes, Cornwall. As an avid cocktail maker I am always having a nose at the bottles behind the bar whenever I go into a pub. I had never heard of Shrub before but recognised the Phillips label. The landlady gave me the story and my friend and I tried our first Rum & Shrub. It is hard to describe the flavour as it is very unusual. Needless to say it is very sweet, almost like a brandy, as it was used to counteract the bitterness of sea water. And it is very warming. It is almost like a transparent filter for the rum. You taste the shrub first and then the rum afterwards. A very unique combination.You mix it as a measure of rum and a measure of Shrub. I bought a bottle from a local off licence in St Agnes but it did not last long ! I was very pleased to find where i can now replenish my stock whenever I run out. I have let all my friends try it and they all love it because it is so unusual. I have also been known to take the bottle with me into some of my local pubs where we add it to rum bought across the counter. I have had some interest from a couple of Landlords too so, you never know, we may see Shrub appearing in Hertfordshire one day. Try Shrub out. It is gorgeous. It is a Cornish secret which I think should now be shared.