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Honey Flavoured Honey Liqueurs

Krupnik is an ancient Polish liqueur which traces its roots back to the 1300's. As such, it has been a traditional drink in Poland for centuries.

Despite its ancient pedigree, Krupnik's popularity has not faded in Poland, where it commands more than 10 percent of the liqueur market, according to a 1996 poll by the trade journal 'Rynki Alkoholowe'.

The skillful combining of a century-old tradition with modern production methods has produced an excellent liqueur, best drunk warm in the winter or on the rocks during the summer.

Krupnik (pronounced KROOP-neek), is made of natural wild bee's honey gathered in forests, and exotic spices. It has an outstanding honey-sweet taste and spicy bouquet with a strong, warming effect.

Once produced by the famous Baczewski Distillery of Lwow, Poland, Krupnik is produced today according to its original recipe by Starogard Distilleries of Gdansk.

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Chris Czernel 2012-04-10 20:53:33

KrupnikCo offers a variety of different Krupnik spice packs that are delicious and an easay way to try the Polish tradition of making Krupnik at home. Just add your own honey, water, and vodka to their spice packs. Highly recommended!! If you are interested in Krupnik, you can make it at home and it is fantastic. Check out

Victoria Lawson 2011-02-10 00:55:58

My favourite method of consumption for Krupnik is a long swig straight from the hip flask. Warming all the way down, with a strong smell of toffee banana, and a strong developed finish. I love it.

Nicky Hanc 2009-12-18 23:53:19

Great stuff, I discovered it about 12 years ago when working in Poland, smooth honey flavour. Makes a particularly good remedy for colds and sore throats (or a good excuse for a few extra glasses).

Cocktail Shaker Boys 2009-09-16 15:26:11

Agree with the reviews already posted, although not quite as enthusiastically perhaps ! It is a great liqueur with a gorgeous smooth honey flavour. Recommended.

D Dawes 2007-11-29 20:26:40

Been some time sinceIi've experienced the joys of Krupnik, but i've come back to specifically to buy a bottle. A beautiful drink - warm without being sharp, sweet without being cloying, and with the depth and development of the finest vodkas. More than worth the price.