Havana Club - Anejo 7 Year Old

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Anejo 7 years is the oldest product in the Havana Club range. Its unparalleled and acclaimed quality is the fruit of the traditional process by which Havana Club Cuban rum is made. The necessary "patience" for the ageing of this rum- 7 years in white oak barrels in the age-old cellars - instils in the drink that powerful and complex aroma: its distinguishing feature.

Havana Club 7 years is the drink par excellence at the end of a good meal. On occasions such as these, the Havana cigar and Havana Club rum are inseparable in their single tradition of quality.

Havana Club 7 years has a lovely, dazzling transparent amber colour. Gives off an outstanding bouquet. Round to the nose, it reveals rising woody and vanilla-smelling notes.

A very clean taste as well as soft in the mouth. Havana Club 7 years offers an exquisite, fine bouquet.

Appreciated as a liqueur by experienced rum-lovers, Havana Club 7 years naturally has its place among the very best spirits. Like Anejo Reserva, Havana Club 7 years combines wonderfully with its Cuban brother, the Havana cigar.

Competing in 1997 and 1995 against the top 40 rums in the world at the prestigious Chicago World Spirits Championship, Havana Club 7 years was awarded a gold medal both times.

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Dan Billings 2009-09-16 13:34:29

One of my "drinks of the year" has been Havana 7 and diet coke over ice with 2 limes first squeezed and then dropped in. Lovely stuff!

Allan Hegney 2009-06-24 21:44:44

Havana Club simply has to be the best out there and the 7 year old the best of the bunch, well in my price bracket anyway. Going any higher in price may mean you ruin your enjoyment of lesser priced rums and unless you can afford the price up there is no need. This one is ace, whether straight up, with ginger beer or cola. As always, lashings of ice and lime to garnish is a must!

Graham Kerry 2006-10-27 22:02:58

I recently bought 2 bottles of Havana Club Anejo 7 Anos and a box of Montecristo No 3 in Bruges. I returned to my "Man Shed" (every man should have one), and put the two together. After over 20 years serving in the Royal Navy and sampling rum from everywhere and whenever, I can say that this Havana Club is truly a great rum. Add nothing. It is gentle and stays long. The Montecristo shared with this great rum swept me back to happy times.

Aaron Zall 2006-05-19 12:53:22

Firstly if you are new to aged (anejo) rums don't compare its age to Scotch. 7 years is a LONG time for a rum. Spirits age faster in warm climates, so expect a well made rum to have the maturity of a scotch twice its age. Its the first anejo rum I tried, and it opened my eyes to the possibilities that rum is a fine enough spirit to be drunk neat. This spirit has a wonderfully complex flavour, full-bodied and a long finish. This rum deserves to be treated with all the reverie you would give a Scotch Single Malt, or a Cognac. Mixing it would be sacrilegious. That said, although wonderful neat, I most often take mine on the rocks, 3 or 4 regular ice cubes for a double. The addition of the little water helps to separate all the flavours from the alcohol. I find it more enjoyable that way.

Moistworm 2005-09-23 15:51:50

I was introduced to this foxy young thing a few months back at a party. Initially declining as I don't much care for Rums (or so I thought). I was eventually worn down into trying some and am jolly bloody glad I did as it raped my tongue and sent me into meltdown! Much better than a dose of Jacky D, this is truly Ambrosia personified. It has a definite yet mild woody, musty,tobacco-shop aroma that is so mild you can fail to appreciate that this still has a cheeky 40% kick in its tail! A great drink to impress friends with at Latino bars in Chelsea but watch your wallet !!! ;-)