Alkkemist Gin

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Alkkemist Gin

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Floral, fleshy, grape and fruit memories. Virgin coast scented. Complex and soft, white and bright.

Alkkemist - The light of a discovery.

The first gin made with Samphire and Muscat grape. Art, inspiration, creation... and a halo of immortality.

Alkkemist Gin is distilled when the influence of the moon is bigger: 12 times a year; a strict methodology to produce an Ultra Premium quality gin.

Alkkemist Gin is born on a base of grain alcohol 3 times distilled. It is made in traditional copper alembics, with a quadruple distillation from which i only the heart of each distillation is extracted to obtain a pure mixture that guarantees the perfect fusion between grain and a formidable selection of 21 botanicals carefully selected.

Alkkemist Gin is the first gin that uses Muscat grape in its making, selected from the best strains in the Mediterranean, being added at the end of the process to provide an exquisite and exclusive scent.

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Antony Hawkins 2015-12-07 21:31:22

Wow. My little sister bought me this for my birthday, having almost been put off by the "distilled by the light of the silvery moon" blurb. I'm glad she persisted, this is very possibly the best gin I've ever tasted (and I've put some research into the subject, I assure you). Generally our gin buying is in the £28-£36 range for a bottle, so again from a straight list I probably wouldn't have taken a risk on this one so I'm doubly glad she did. It's superb. Lovely and clean, super smooth and with a gorgeous mix of fragrances and flavours. Happily I'd sampled the gin more than once before I came and saw the price so I'm confident I'm not being swayed by any "it's pricey so it must be good" psychology; no, it's just damn good. Even if you wouldn't normally pay this much for a bottle of gin, do save up for a special occasion and look past the rather odd claims about the full moon adding to the flavour (!!). And, obviously, don't you dare swamp it with ssscccchhh...... I can't bring myself to say it. It's great on its own or with a modest amount of a high quality tonic like Fever Tree. No more than two parts tonic to one part gin though! 10/10