Four Pillars - Barrel Aged Gin

Rich & Complex
Four Pillars - Barrel Aged Gin

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When pouring this into a glass there is an immediate aroma in the room of preserved citrus, crushed coriander and an awesome ginger character. Lifted French oak sits really nicely in balance with the botanical characters, and the line of spice has continued to build from Solera No_3. The texture is just so soft and the oak props everything up. Solera No_4 is rich, complex and bloody drinkable.

To create Barrel Aged Gin, the first batch is distilled distill in Four Pillars CARL still using the same botanicals as their Rare Dry Gin. Then they transfer the gin into a solera of nine French oak chardonnay barrels, each with a subtly different character.

Every six months, Cameron tastes each barrel and then blends a portion of each to create this complex, nuanced and entirely too sippable gin. Solera No_2 was released in late 2014, and went on to win a Gold Medal at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

A year later the distillery are releasing Solera No_4, deeper and more complex than the last releases. And this will be the last blend from our original nine barrels (now that they have the space they have a number of new 'old barrels' to add to the solera system).


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