Mozart - Dark Chocolate

Austrian Liqueur
Mozart - Dark Chocolate

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  • ABV17%

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Chocolate Liqueurs

Mozart Black shows notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, and caramel, as well as smoky and tartly notes of cocoa. Bitter sweet, long-lasting finish.

The used cocoa is a special blend of the types Forastero (West Africa) and Trinitario (Caribbean). The vanilla used is real Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Mozart Black contains cocoa macerate, vanilla macerate, and sugar cane distillate.

The cocoa and Bourbon vanilla are macerated for 30 days in sugar cane distillate. A certain part of the cocoa macerate is kept in oak barrels for two years to round of the taste.

With chocolate spirits it is essential to macerate instead of conching as it takes a long time to extract the aromas.


Christopher Masterman 2012-12-14 09:13:38

Plain chocolate taste. Like creme de caco with a more subtle flavour owing to a lower abv. Excellent chilled and sipped as a digestif.

Tricia Richards 2005-11-25 23:05:26

Drink over ice to accompany quality dark chocolate, the only difference is the after effect, it's got a bit of a kick but is lovely.