Matusalem - Gran Reserva 15 Year Old

Sophisticated Taste

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Dominican Republic

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Gold Rum

Matusalem's crowning achievement.

Originally produced over 130 years ago in Santiago de Cuba and known as the "Cognac of Rums," this solera 15 super-premium rum is the perfect choice for those looking for exceptional quality and sophisticated taste.

Not all rums are created equal and one sip of Matusalem Gran Reserva emphasises that point.

Complex yet velvety smooth, with a pronounced bouquet and flavour, Gran Reserva is idealy enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but will also make your favourite cocktail even better.

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Anthony Candler 2012-12-20 19:25:49

I agree with the other reviewers this is a nice smooth rum, tried it over ice and on its own I prefer it neat. Hints of caramel.

Daniel Wishart 2007-04-30 21:42:08

When it was time to buy another bottle of rum, I decided to try something new. It was a tough choice between the Matusalem Gran Reserva and R.L. Seales, but in the end I went for the Matusalem and I'm pleased that I did. It's not as complex as the Havana Club anejo 7, but it makes up for that by sheer smoothness. It goes down easy and lights a warm fire at the bottom of your throat. Repeated tasting will reveal a very sweet caramel flavour with an almost liquorice aftertaste. It's quite unusual compared to the more vanilla orientated rums I've tried in the past, but enjoyable. Perhaps not an all-time classic rum, but certainly a great effort, and extremely drinkable. Enjoy it straight without ice for full appreciation.

andrew j lock 2006-12-20 12:36:43

This is a stunning bottle of rum, Best served straight, no ice, accompanied with chocolate, mmmmm

barry page 2006-04-03 18:04:22

This is a brilliant well rounded rum and sure to be a favourite to anyone dicovering it. I like its slowly developing taste as it swirls in your mouth there is a complexity about it that takes several glasses to fully appreciate and I well reccommend it to all serious rum drinkers.