Distilleries Provence - Extreme d'Absente

A Bold Bitter
Distilleries Provence - Extreme d'Absente

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A bold bitter made from absinthe plants, Extreme d’Absente is not so much a drink in its own right but a flavour enhancer. Purists will simply add it to water…

Extreme d’Absente, with a thujone content three times more concentrated, comes in an ambitious packaging: a bottle with its own pipette.

The pipette draws the eye, adds to the thrill, excitement and mystery of Extreme d’Absente; giving it an aura of mystique.

Add a few drops of Extreme d’Absente directly to a cocktail or a beer, or onto a sugar cube.

Our tip: On a sugar cube, in Absente, beer or cola, all you need is a few drops to subtly change the flavour of the drink. A gentle change that is barely perceptible.


Adam 2017-11-06 11:36:27

Use Herbsaint - It's made by Sazerac for their signature cocktail.

George 2017-10-25 19:52:00

Is this the kind of thing one could use as the rinse in a Sazerac?