Jodhpur - London Dry Gin

Smooth & Aromatic

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Key Information

Colour: Translucent with a sharp edge and twinkling glints in its clean and bright base.

Aroma: Elegant and fine on the nose, aromatic with delicate and notes of wild berries, such as juniper, with a subtle background of aromatic herbs.

Flavour: Very smooth and unctuous on entering the mouth and with reminiscences of juniper berries rounded off with flavors of other aromatic herbs.

Sensation on swallowing: The finish is very aromatic with considerable and very long, balsamic notes, and a long aftertaste.

Distilled following the traditional London Dry Gin method, Jodhpur is a high-quality gin: transparent with plenty of twinkling glints in its clean, bright base. Made with select grain alcohols and a careful selection of 13 botanicals.

The aromatic plant macerations are distilled in traditional stills and bottled with their full aromas on a base of quadruple-distilled grain alcohol. The fourth distillation is carried out for seven days in the presence of macerated citrus fruits, providing the citrus personality and character that makes Jodhpur a top-of-the-range gin.


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