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New Zealand

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She's tall and slender, beautiful and just a little naughty.

The makers of 42 Below vodka are proud to introduce South Gin, the very first gin made in New Zealand.

She is, of course, the result of very fine breeding. Grain neutral spirit, twice distilled, washed in spring water then distilled again.

But it's her essence that sets her apart. Running through her veins are the natural extracts of nine botanicals - all taken from the real thing. Juniper berries make her what she is. Coriander seed lifts her. The citrusy essence of lemon and orange make her linger on the tongue. Her muskiness is derived from Angelica leaves, Gentian and Orris Root. A forestal freshness comes from New Zealand Native Manuka berries and Kawa Kawa leaves.

In short, she's a complicated, hedonistic blend of deliciousness.


Glen Schoen 2011-02-27 01:32:42

South Gin is a refreshing gin compared to all others, my regular is Tangueray but after having South I have a new preference, although it will be far and few between since it is unavailable in South Carolina at this time.

Markus Reinhardt 2009-01-16 02:20:55

This gin is produced far away, but now it´s very close to me. You will appreciate its special taste, which you won´t find in any other gin. So try it, when you are looking for a new experience.

Elaine 2005-04-29 15:11:27

Visited NZ last year and wasn't aware of this! Obviously not marketed well enough in NZ - have to come back to the UK and go to a new restaurant in Manchester - Obsidian and discover it! (Well at least it is cheaper than going all the way to NZ for it!) I am a Gordon's Gin drinker (not in excess you understand!) This was a light refreshing experience - can we purchase it in UK? Kind regards Elaine M Brignall Try Here! TDS