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  • ABV40%

Lecompte Secret is an extremely rare calvados from one of the most authentic and prestigious Calvados houses.

Eighty-five years after Maison Lecompte was first established, the new owners entrusted Richard Prével, the third-generation Cellar Master, with the task of crafting the most extraordinary, the most perfect and the most complete Calvados ever made.

Richard Prével spent five years blending, and composing hundreds of combinations of Lecompte’s precious eaux-de- vie. During the course of this tireless quest for perfection, he made an incredible discovery: several barrels laid down by the founder of Maison Lecompte, undisturbed since 1923. This timeless treasure, crafted from over 100 individual eaux-de-vie, provided the finishing touch to a blend which was already exceptional. The legendary lost barrels of Maison Lecompte have finally surrendered their Secret.

To present this rare nectar to the world, Maison Lecompte commissioned an artisan glassmaker to create a suitably exclusive crystal carafe. Each hand-made carafe is unique, filled manually and engraved with its own individual identification number. Housed in a lacquered wooden case, with a subtle leather finish in keeping with its noble status, Lecompte Secret is without a doubt the most outstanding Calvados ever created.

“The real value of a treasure lies in the Secrets it has to reveal.” Richard Prével

Colour: Amber autumn.

Bouquet: fine, fruity with notes of citrus, dried fruits, candied fruits, chocolate- caramel, caramel-apple, toasted notes.

On the palate: candied fruit, candied orange, tangy freshness passage then notes of coffee, licorice, cherry, chocolate chip bitter orange, concentration of aromas, round and smooth.

Finish: lush aromatic complexity with the memory of the apple.


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