The Duchess - Virgin Gin & Tonic

Non-alcoholic G&T

The Duchess is the ready-to-drink, non-alcoholic gin & tonic. It is crafted with aromatic botanical extracts and low in sugar to create an elegant alternative to alcohol.

The Duchess has the distinct gin & tonic taste, blended with aromatic layers of natural orange peel, allspice, star anise, cloves, and cardamom. The Duchess was created for the conscious consumer – the healthy, successful and discerning individual. Whether at a business lunch or being the designated driver, for personal or health-related reasons, The Duchess offers you the choice of a low-sugar, hangover-free refreshment.

1 Comment

Anke Scherman 2018-03-20 09:00:28

Whats better than a calorie free, non alcoholic GT for any occasion So refreshing, so yummy Enjoyed best, ICE cold


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