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Inspired by the most powerful of the Russian Tsars, Ivan the Terrible Vodka is a quintessentially Russian vodka, crafted in the distinctive Osobaya style to an authentic 16th century recipe.

Made from the highest quality, quadrupled-distilled grain spirit and natural spring water, it's silky smooth character and luxurious finish is achieved through the delicate, barely traceable infusions of wild buckwheat honey and Siberian cedar nuts.

A well-kept secret of Russian vodka producers, subtle infusions of herbs and spices have been used for centuries to make Osobaya vodka - "the Rolls Royce of Russian vodkas". A product of exceptional purity and delicacy, Ivan the Terrible vodka is perfect for drinking neat as a lightly chilled shot, and is also ideal for use in premium cocktails, where it enhances the quality of other ingredients. Freezing Ivan the Terrible Vodka is not recommended as it can strip the vodka of its delicate taste and aroma.

Ivan the IV ("the Terrible") is known as the world's first vodka magnate. During his reign, the first exclusive vodka bars were set up in Moscow, known as "Tsar's Taverns", with all the revenues going into the Tsar's treasury. In the 16th century Ivan actively pursued the policy of his father, who had established the state monopoly for vodka distillation in 1474. In fact, Ivan's harsh governing methods ensured that the quality of Russia's national spirit remained high at all times.

Ivan was also an astute politician and diplomat and, on one occasion, he sent a secret diplomatic letter hidden in a vodka bottle to Queen Elizabeth I. Legend has it that he even proposed marriage to her, a proposal that was refused.

Ivan the Terrible Vodka is presented in a limited edition traditional Russian vodka decanter, known as a "Romanoff's Schtoff", with a hand-made glass stopper.


Vitali Guerasimov 2009-11-13 14:46:06

The best vodka I've ever tried!!! Exceptionally smooth and pure most importantly does not give you any headache the morning after. Superb product of rare quality.

Semion 2008-03-27 16:39:22

An average vodka, massively overpriced for what it is and frankly, there are much better vodkas - none with such a high price tag - out there.

abu malik 2007-06-11 11:53:28

i have tasted all the drinks in the world and i have come to the conclusion that the best drink in the world is the russian vodka ivan the terrible,the unique smooth taste is unbeatable,somehow i have not been able to get the drink in india but i am ordering it from friends abroad even after 10 to 12 shots in a party. the result was i felt good and there was no sign of a hangover in the morning this is the uniqueness of the russian vodka ivan the terrible i recommend it to everyone HAVE A TASTE OF LIFE HAVE IVAN THE TERRIBLE VODKA. ABU MALIK SINGER AND LIVE SHOW DIRECTOR INDIA

Marina 2006-02-28 22:44:44

Oxford University Russian Society thinks that IVAN THE TERRIBLE VODKA is the BEST vodka that is out there! It is the only one, we think is good enough for our members and we will not drink anything else ever! Honestly, we love it and will stay loyal to it. We, the Russian Society, know vodka! Besides, IVAN THE TERRIBLE has won the University price, in the Spirit of Europe Cometition for best Russian Vodka and we are mighty proud of it! If you are thinking what vodka would be good for your next party, wedding, anniversary, or honestly, just any occasion IVAN THE TERRIBLE is what you want! You won't regret it!

Marina 2006-02-27 16:34:38

Oxford University Russian Society thinks that this vodka, Ivan The Terrible, is the best vodka out there. It is the only one we think is good enough for our members. Recently it has won the Univeristy prize for Best Russian Vodka at the Spirit of Europe Tasting Competition. We love it and will most definitely stay loyal consumers of Ivan The Terribly exclusivel!


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