TUF. V - Toffee Vodka

Toffee Vodka
TUF. V - Toffee Vodka

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Originating from the cosmopolitan south of France, Tuf. V in its primitive form was an apres ski soul-warmer, regularly drunk with a mixer or over ice.

The Ultimate Flavour Vodka Company Ltd (Tuf. V) has enhanced this popular spirit into the universal product it is today.

Tuf. V is made using only quality methods and materials, 100% pure spring water is only the start.

Tuf. V is triple distilled for extra quality and gently filtered through only the highest quality charcoal for superb quality.

After these processes are complete, all that is needed is to marry the vodka with the individual toffee flavour and package it in a unique premium bottle to match the liquor taste.

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Anna Townsend 2004-12-19 21:49:23

smooth, delicious and perfectly sweet. normally, i'm not a big vodka fan but this drink has a special place in my heart, boyfriend thing, first date.... the only thing is the only place ive found to buy this is on this website. not in shops.