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Russian Standard - Platinum

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Russky Standart Platinum marries the traditions of the highest quality Russian Vodkas with modern distillation methods. As a product of tradition, it fully complies with the strictest requirements of the classical recipe developed by Dmitry Mendellev in 1894 at the request of the Imperial Court of St. Petersburg.

Russky Standart Platinum enhances this classic formula by employing special silver filters to further refine the purity of the product. This modern and expensive process provides the vodka with an extraordinary and unequalled smoothness. It's specially treated smokey bottles help keep the vodka cool.

Russky Standart Platinum is a unique and special vodka and should be drunk in a fitting way.

For best results, do not freeze Platinum. Only inferior vodkas require freezing in order to mask the pungency and odours of poor distillation. Enjoy Russky Standart Platinum chilled, not frozen.... or on the rocks.


Simon Betts 2011-01-05 15:35:09

In direct comparison between Russian Standard Original and Platinum - Platinum is a smoother drink, much more refined. Taste, I can not really taste the difference. Serve chilled. Not frozen.

Ian 2009-01-30 06:02:11

Russian standard platinum is fantastic. It's mellow and smooth and has true Russian vodka characteristics. I have allowed a couple of customers the pleasure to try it in the hotel I work in. They wanted to mix it but I asked them to try it straight first and they agreed it's best enjoyed straight out the bottle.


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