Finest Call - Sweet and Sour Mix


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New and Improved blend!

Finest Call Sweet & Sour mix is a blend of real first press lemon juice and sugar, highlighted by all natural lemon juice, orange and lime extracts.

Perfect for all classic Sour cocktails and excellent for Margaritas and Long Island Iced Tea's.

Finest Call sweet & sour is an all - natural product more convenient than decanting from jugs or mixing dry powders.

Classic Sour Cocktail: Combine 100ml Finest Call Sweet & Sour Mix with 50ml vodka/ whisky/ bourbon or even Midori. Pour into ice filled glass(100g). Stir, garnish & serve.

Shaken Margarita: Add 75ml Finest Call Sour Mix, a splash of Triple Sec, and 50ml tequila into an ice filled shaker. Shake, pour into glass, garnish & serve.

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peter shelbourne 2012-01-20 13:42:51

I organised a large cocktail party over Christmas and we used a bunch of the Finest Call products. I, as well as my friends really enjoyed the drinks and I would strongly reccommend this brand to anyone. Simple, fresh and they taste great! The Sweet & Sour is an exceptional product because you can make a selection of sours. Try making it with Amaretto...well nice!

simon wright 2010-01-12 15:22:42

I use this stuff at work all the time for margaritas and sour drinks and always have positive feed back from customers especially when mixed with Midori and a dash of orange juice it also works really well in a lilt or just with crushed ice, lemon wedges and soda. I wouldn't run the bar without it now.