Russian Premium vodka

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Superb, impressive presentation of a magnum of premium quality vodka.

Limited to only 4500 cases.

Made from a Polish recipe by a distillery with over 100 years experience, Solidarnosc is a premium vodka.

The recipe has been tested by bartenders around the world, developing the ideal taste with a neutral undertone, short on citrus and pepper, but forceful in presence. Solidarnosc uses spring water forced through specially constructed filters under extreme high pressure to create the purest water attainable. The vodka is distilled through a unique four-column rectification process, which leads to a deliciously clean alcohol. This traditional method of producing vodka whilst using the most modern techniques makes Solidarnosc Vodka irrefutably Polish at heart!

Naughty Boy has spirit. The clean, chiselled flavour of the vodka sculpted from the finest of Polish recipes is married to the indomitable spirit of the "Solidarity" movement.

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Ginny 2006-04-20 14:24:14

I'm sorry but this vodka is potentially worse than the


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