Balkan - (Bajika) Vodka 176

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Imported from the Balkans comes the incredible Balkan vodka.

Triple distilled.

This superior strength, triple distilled deluxe grain vodka was launched in the UK in 2002. As the strongest proof vodka on our list, it should not be consumed neat, but with a mixer.

The vodka is hand crafted in small batches and the quality is an achievement at this strength.

Great old school packaging that carries 13 health warnings!

Good to charge cocktails, but can be mixed with fruit juices and tonic water with good results.


Clare Slater 2015-08-16 23:36:13

Had 1 shot of this last night - was still drunk at 2pm the following day! This will knock your socks off!

Rob Millar 2015-06-25 19:38:00

This is a very smooth vodka. It has a slightly fiery finish when consumed neat. This isn't a vodka you get smashed on. You can drink it neat BUT, be careful and have some water or a soft drink to hand to care for the stomach. In incredibly dangerous circumstances it will mix with other spirits. Absinthe for one, known as 'vodsinthe' the Hapsburg XC 89.9% spirit mixes well but, again. Be careful with it. The spirits smell will knock you down if you aren't ready for it. You can probably run cars on this stuff. As a cocktail vodka, I cannot say. Perhaps better to use a lower strength. As a 'who dares wins' vodka. It's worth the chance. BE RESPONSIBLE WITH THIS PRODUCT

carl farber 2012-12-08 01:34:50

For all those that actualy enjoy a clean spirit... this is the one. a small taste of the neat product will prove it clean and clear, mixing should be minimal, but if you are new to spirits, enough to be sure you re not over whelmed!! those who drink to get drunk, should leave this alone, as you give responsable drinkers a bad name!! At 88%abv this is a drink only for the responsable seasoned drinker. if you want to get wasted on a saturday night, stick to the cheap stuff at a tenner a bottle!

Andrew Witte 2011-09-20 14:14:31

I know this is 4 years late, but I would like to point out Asher Dowson I work for revolution and you are only aloud to sell 2 shots per person, per night! When the drink was even legal to buy there! All you need to drink this is a wine glass, a lighter, straw and a shot if it! Balkan gas chamber is the best way to drink it!

Vladimir Petrov 2009-08-01 10:48:49

Very versatile drink in my opinion, it doesn't taste amazing neat but it is miles better than your corner shop's cheapest. Because of its strength, you can use tiny amounts in cocktails and still achieve the same potency, and you can't even taste the alcohol. Straight into the drinks cabinet for me.