CUBERO - Vanilla Rum

Vanilla Rum From The Dominican Rebublic
CUBERO - Vanilla Rum

Country of Origin

Dominican Republic

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Vanilla Flavoured

Cubero is one of the few flavoured rums available outside the Caribbean where they are produced and enjoyed on most of the rum distilling islands. The Dominican Republic is no exception and is the birth place of Cubero Vanilla Rum, as a base, Cubero uses the finest Dominican Rum which is then blended with vanilla to create a spirit of exceptional smoothness.

In addition to being the epitome of smoothness when drunk neat over ice, Cubero also adds an extra smooth dimension to any rum based cocktail, just as Stolichnaya Vanil does to vodka cocktails.


James Stenhouse 2008-01-16 23:48:10

Absolutely delicious - the vanilla really comes through, and the taste from the (oak?) barrels just adds to the whole aroma so much.

Sarah Long 2005-12-21 11:59:17

Oh dear god this is delicious stuff, on its own, mixed with coke, lemonade, whatever. Commonly known among my friends as "sweeties in a glass". But you must not drink it all, because there must be plenty left for me.

Jason Nichols 2005-01-25 22:21:16

If you haven't yet had the pleasure in savouring this fine rum yet, I recommend you buy a bottle right away. You'll get yourself a bottle and you'll always want another once run out! A lovely smooth vanilla infused rum which is a pleasure to drink on your own or with friends. I prefer mine over ice, but sipped quickly whilst cold so not to get too diluted with the ice. You'll love it!