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Gammel Dansk

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  • ABV38%

The ingredients in Gammel Dansk are carefully selected for their aromatic, sharp and bitter qualities.

The ingredients include spices from many different places around the world: roots that are reputed to have medicinal powers, and berries that are well-known particularly to children from the Roskilde area on the Danish island of Zealand.

Every autumn, the company buys all the buckets of rowan-berries the children can pick. The names of every ingredient and the exact blend cannot be revealed, however. There are only two employees who know the recipe.

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A R Hussey 2014-06-26 15:54:24

I was introduced to this marvellous drink in 1972. Best drunk at breakfast before anything else eaten/drunk. Sets you up for the day. OK, as per other reviews you like or not. I like and still have a shot every day. I am still in contact with my original host and we have visited each other almost every year since. We shall shift a few bottles later this summer. Thank goodness for The Drink Shop for stocking it, alas a little pricey compared to buying it in Denmark. Sorry Drink Shop I stock up at source when I can.

Karl Robertson 2013-05-28 22:35:44

My Danish friend Boris introduced me to this strange brew. We had a large shot with breakfast and the rest of the day floated by in warm and happy way. Not to everyones taste I'll admit, but a wonderful experience and not one easily forgotten.

Dave Barella 2012-04-03 13:51:49

A wonderfully different drinking experience. Feel the powerful warm rush in the stomach when taking a shot and follow it with a glug of ice cold Tuborg Green. Not enebreation as we know it, more a wonderful floating sensation. God Bless Rowan Berries!

Anne Smith 2007-11-16 22:34:34

It tastes like alcoholic Fisherman's Friend cough medicine but my parents swear by it if you have an upset stomach or a cold. A proper pick me up, especially good in the winter.