Ypioca - Empalhada Prata

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Ypioca - Empalhada  Prata

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  • ABV39%

Ypioca Empalhada Prata Cachaca is distilled from sugar-cane aged at least two years in barrels of freije (special wood of Brazil), acquiring a special taste and bouquet.

Conditioned in bottles covered with handmade packing of carnauba straw.

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Frank Thibault 2006-10-11 19:29:48

Having tried the Germana and found it to be very good, I thought that I ought to taste another cachaca and as this also came in litres I chose it. It is almost as smooth as the Germana and makes an equally good Caipirinha, it is also a little cheaper. Apart from the colour, I cannot find any difference between the Prata and the Gold. All three really are excellent value.