Berentzen - Apfelkorn (Apple)

German Apple Schnapps

70cl Bottle £12.37
Available 6th May 2017

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  • ABV18%

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Apple Flavoured Apple Schnapps

Sun-ripened apples give the distinct and unrivalled taste to this marvellous product which is consumed in many countries by people of all ages.

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norman mcgee 2013-11-11 19:30:05

Went to work in Germany in1988. My work mates and I were introduced to Apfelkorn by some German friends. I am a malt whiskey man by nature so I know a good drink, this is fantastic drink for everyone it's a must to taste.

Dave Brown 2010-07-06 20:19:26

This is apple perfection in a bottle. Only to be drunk when it has been in the freezer. This is an ideal chaser when drinking bottles of pils and playing shock dice.

frank kennedy 2010-01-29 21:08:18

Fantastic drink first drank this while serving in Germany in the army. As with the other reviews serve iced cold in shot glasses, get some mates round get a couple of ice cold bottles out and try shot glass racing. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

Christopher Harris 2010-01-24 13:04:56

First tasted this whilst serving in Cyprus, Thought the ABV was much higher? I know you can keep it in the freezer and it generally won\'t freeze! My father-in-law walked in to the Patio doors after a few of these! It is soooooo moreish too.

Andrew Matthewman 2009-10-06 17:23:32

Never been without it since my time in the army. Stick a bottle in the freezer half hour before you want a drink so its well chilled, beautiful!!