PUSCHKIN - Black Sun

PUSCHKIN - Black Sun

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  • ABV16.6%

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Blackberry Flavoured

Puschkin Black Sun with the wild fruity taste of black berries and siberian ginseng. ideal on the rocks, or as a long drink with cola or grapefruit juice. serve well chilled.

The wild and fruity taste of blackberries and a scent of the mystic Siberian root "Eleutherococcus" give character to this product.


robert delk 2010-10-05 15:54:04

Try it as a side to a good pilsner. Makes a good combo. Send all unwanted to me. A daily drink at my house . Konigs plisner 1/2 litre and a side of black sun.

loretta di francesco 2009-05-04 17:42:43

Black Sun was given to me as a gift last Christmas. Adding equal parts of a blue raspberry mix by Rose's Cocktail Infusions makes the perfect "on the rocks' drink for upcoming summer nights.

Alicia Hobbel 2007-04-10 21:10:09

I thought it was horrible, not fruity at all, so I gave away my bottle to a friend, but he didn't like it either. It's difficult to describe the taste, actually.