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In every category of luxury brands one name eventually comes along to set a new standard for excellence.

The spirit inside this cobalt blue genuine crystal decanter just might be the finest premium imported vodka you've ever tasted.

The first and only vodka in the world to be blended from rye, wheat and potato, Ultimat Vodka has created a buzz from New York to Miami in bars, restaurants, and hotels where trendsetters have been seduced by its clean pure flavour and smooth velvety texture.


2008-08-19 05:27:12

This is for the true Vodka lover it's smooth and has a little punch to it, there is only two ways to drink this Vodka, neat or with a block of Ice. It's worth the price only if your a true Vodka drinker.

Lewis 2006-08-29 22:49:50

Ultimat is a deliciously smooth vodka. At