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NEMIROFF - Honey & Pepper

Ukranian Vodka
NEMIROFF - Honey & Pepper

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Flavoured Vodka Honey Flavoured

Nose: Chilli pepper leads followed by thick set honey, light cloves, cinnamon and gingerbread, extending with creme brulee and vanilla. Palate: Rounded mouthfeel with waves of subtle chilli and paprika piquancy, balanced by the sweetness of thick, set honey with hints of clove and gingerbread. Finish: Chilli leads with luscious honey following, and concluding with gingerbread spicyness.

The taste of this distinctive vodka is unforgettable.

A subtle infusion of honey and wild herbs creates a smooth and delicately spiced blend which perfectly complements the warmth of the red chilli peppers.


Sam Komlenic 2009-01-04 04:24:22

My brother recently returned to the U.S. from a business trip to Russia, and today I got to try the Nemiroff Honey & Pepper vodka he brought home. I tend to prefer higher proof ryes and bourbons, and usually avoid flavoured spirits of any kind, but this was a very compelling experience. There are clove and subtle honey notes mixed with the pepper undertones. I've tasted nothing like it before, and can't wait to get my hands on a bottle for myself!

Bill Richman 2006-12-14 00:19:58

I found this vodka to be most exquisite. The stark flavour of jalape

J. Conrad 2005-05-19 15:37:09

An acquired taste. When I downed my first shot I didn't much care for this flavoured vodka. I found it too "hot." Yet as the contents of the bottle dwindled over a period of several weeks, I found myself getting accustomed to it's unique flavours. The smooth sweetness of the honey contrasts very nicely with the spiciness of the peppers