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Rose Petal Vodka

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Flavoured Vodka

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The World's First Vodka Rose.

Getting its beautiful pink hue naturally from a blend of twelve delicately balanced flavours, Pinky is a singular experience with numerous layers of complexity. Pinky is the most beautiful vodka you will every try.

Each batch is hand-blended by champion wine tasters using natural and luxurious ingredients, including rose petals, violets and wild strawberries. It was created to enhance the taste, look and nose of any vodka-based drink. Although Pinky is obviously blessed with good looks; it is its unique taste profile that holds its audience captive. After all, true beauty comes from within.

This vodka is packed with esters - the delicate top note flavours that give fresh fruit its vibrant taste. Mix Pinky with cranberry and you'll experience how it puts the life back into processed fruit juices. Combine Pinky with soda, tonic, or just a few ice cubes to transform the standard vodka fare into a smooth, balanced taste with a floral finish.

Pinky was created by champion wine tasters to enhance the taste, look, and feel of your drinking pleasure. The blend is exclusive, but the result is a versatile base that allows you to design some unique drinks.

It is to vodka what pink Champagne is to Champagne. Pinky has set out to create a category, Vodka Rose, within the super-premium vodka market.

It is not to be mistaken as just another flavoured vodka. As with pink Champagne, Pinky sets a new standard for vodka.


alice shaw 2010-10-02 21:48:05

A totally gorgeous vodka. Ice mixed with 2 parts Pinky, 1 part grenadine & a big splash of cranberry juice or just simply neat over ice when the ice is slightly melted. This is 1 of only 2 spirits I drink.

dingwall Dingwall 2010-07-12 22:24:20

My nickname is Pinkybear so this matched me perfectly. Pink, femine and to top it all off it was gorgeous. Didnt last long enough though.

Duncan Garvie 2007-05-23 18:36:24

I've been very impressed with Pinky. As a low end vodka it provides a very clean and refreshing flavor, subtle and unusual. I've found that it serves best straight over ice, however you should allow a minute or so after pouring. The small amount of dilution from the melting ice takes off the slight burn that this vodka has and allows the flavour to fully rise.

Lewis 2006-08-29 23:45:18

A bottle that stands out a mile especially with the soft pink colour that beams from the bottle when lit above that bar light. Pleasantly suprised when drinking this vodka. I found it very easy on the mouth and tasty with a mixer. Not a fan of it neat and not a fan of it over mixed with something. Try a dash of lemonade with this one but be shy with it! A nice finish for such an easy-going vodka it almost feels like an healthy alternative to the house vodka!

Michelle 2006-02-15 11:31:13

I saw Pinky Vodka in You Magazine and had to get a bottle. Now it is only the vodka I will drink!