Blackwoods - Vintage Dry Gin

Shetland Gin

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Country of Origin

Scotland flag

Key Information

The first gin in the world using local botanical ingredients from Shetland, the islands lying at the far North of Scotland. Bracing, crisp and richly aromatic, Blackwood's Nordic Dry Gin includes wild water mint, sea pink, angelica and juniper berries picked on Shetland by local crofters as well as seven other botanicals from trading routes around the world. Gin has been smuggled, traded and illicitly distilled in the islands for centuries. This premium Dry Gin uses a local Nordic recipe reflecting the Viking origins of Shetland.

Blackwood's Gin won the gold medal at the World Spirits Festival in January and the silver medal at the World Spirits Competition in March in San Francisco. Ideal in a gin & tonic, 60% of taste testers have voted Blackwood's Norse gin their number 1 choice in blind taste tests and 80% placed it in their top two. This was against Gordon's, Tanqueray, Plymouth and Bombay Sapphire. This premium Dry Gin has all the aromatic richness of these classic gins plus has a surprising extra - the hint of the sea. All natural and all original.


Alastair Giddings 2014-11-30 19:37:58

To be honest, I was rather underwhelmed by this one. It's OK, nothing special.

Charles Hall 2013-11-16 18:43:15

I tried this a couple of days ago. Well worth buying and good value in my opinion. One of the nicest gins I have had.

Karl Robertson 2013-05-28 22:31:23

Wonderful aroma, great taste. Main complaint - it doesn't last long. Suggest you stock larger bottles

Marjory Smith 2010-10-07 21:32:17

My favourite gin for sure no contest! Smooth and delicate, with really beautiful nuances from all the botanicals, it just seems to make most other gins seem so harsh and rough in comparison. About the only one apart from sloe gins that you would drink neat. I do like Plymouth gin but this is the only exquisite one.

Richard Outram 2009-11-02 23:48:47

How fortunate am I that one of my daughters lives on Shetland and the other visits to work on archaeological sites regularly, otherwise I may never have found this drink. I would not say I am am a drinks connoseur but I know what I like and Blackwoods is the best gin I have ever tried. Superbly smooth, makes magnificent G & T. I would recommend this to anyone - I do not believe it can be bettered.