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Russian Standard - Imperia

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Russky Standart Imperia has an unsurpassed taste as the liquid tops out in clarity and velvet smoothness.

Imperia starts with a spirit that is superior to Russky Standart Original and Platinum. All the kernels are only whole grains, which have the highest concentration of ingredients for the best fermentation.

Quartz filtration is exclusive to Imperia. The filtration not only uses charcoal filters to remove undesirable remaining congeners such as ethanol, aldehydes, esters and fusel oils, but it also uses quartz crystal filters that compress the vodka molecules into smaller molecules, thereby increasing the level of smoothness.

The net result is the combination of the above is costly, which combined with the highest quality standards (we reject all vodka not conforming the highest standard), plus impressive packaging yields Russia's most luxurious vodka.

Not surprisingly Russian Standard is the best selling luxury vodka brand in the country of vodka (Russian understand 'a thing or two' about vodkas), commanding 67% share of High-Premium Market in Russia!

Even when compared with less expensive major brands, Russian Standard is the preferred choice in Russia (1 million cases vs. 25k of SMIRNOFF, which is 2 - 5 times cheaper than RS brands).


Simon Betts 2011-01-05 15:44:07

An awesome addition to any collection, incredible smooth, and easily distinguishable from Platinum and Original. But the price for me means it’s a special occasion drink.

Pavel Akimau 2006-11-05 00:27:33

Simply the best vodka I have tried so far! Exceptionally smooth. It was a striking contrast to a standard Stoli. Going to stick to it.