Keo Beer

Cypriot Lager

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A pale lager with a full body and mild hop taste.

Keo beer is an exceptional lager-type beer, brewed from the finest malt and the choicest hops, long matured, bottled fresh and unpasteurised, to retain its natural flavour, aroma and freshness.

Keo beer was awarded a Gold Medal by the Brewing Industry International Awards.

The Keo Brewery was the first to be built on the island. The production of Keo Beer started early in 1951.


Stewarty 2019-11-09 07:24:36

Exceptional Beer nothing out there even comes close well worth the extra money..

Paul Harryman 2016-06-03 13:20:17

Andrew you are so right. I lived in Cyprus for 3 years and enjoyed their home brews. The stuff is made by KEO in KEO breweries I visited them on many occasions. So happy to have found it in the drink shop

Andrew Norman 2013-12-14 18:06:42

Guy below me, you couldn't be more wrong. Taste is certainly an opinion (which I disagree with) but the fact of the matter is that Keo is NOT brewed by Carlsberg and they are competitors. Either going to Cyprus or even checking the websites would have confirmed this. Λέων (Leon) IS brewed by the same brewery as Carlsberg and it is possible that THAT is what you are thinking of...

Martin McLeod 2012-08-30 21:42:40

This beer is RANK. Its like every other pee coloured mass produced lager out there, so i assume the good comments come from people who like that bland stuff and not REAL beer. Its actually Carlsberg but sold a bit cheaper. Carlsberg have a site in Cyprus and brew it.

Mark Charalambous 2012-07-29 00:04:34

An exceptional pale lager. Full bodied but not at all filling. No after taste just a very smooth exceptionally flavourful beer. Many a days spent on my dads front patio, in Geroskipou, polishing of cases of litre bottles with my brothers & dad. Finally found it in the US and in my home town no less. A bit expensive but worth every penny. I have tried a few beers in my time and Keo is by far the best I have ever had. Other close runners Coors Original Banquet and Genny Cream Ale (on tap only, cans are terrible) but no competition to Keo at all. Reminds me of being back on the island.