WYBOROWA - Single Estate

Premium Polish Vodka
WYBOROWA - Single Estate

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Wyborowa Single Estate is produced exclusively from a single variety of premium rye, Dankowskie Zlote Zyto (Dankowskie Golden Rye), which is grown on a single Estate around the village of Turew near Poznan in Western Poland, an area long associated with the production of high quality grain and vodka. Wyborowa Single Estate is produced according to traditional Polish methods perfected over 600 years. The highest levels of quality control and a unique production process guarantee that Wyborowa Single Estate is truly exquisite vodka.

'While creating Wyborowa Single Estate, our vision was to craft an innovative super-premium vodka which combines Polish heritage, innovative packaging and the highest quality spirit. Truly unique vodka begins production at the moment the farmers start to sow the finest rye seeds on selected fields, during the right season. This is the moment when the exquisite quality of Wyborowa Single Estate begins,' says Cesar Giron, CEO of Wyborowa SA.

To perfectly capture the essence of Wyborowa Single Estate, Frank Gehry, who is of Polish descent & considered one of the worlds finest and artful contemporary architects, was commissioned to design the bottle and was inspired by a trip to Poland, where memories of his Polish mother were evoked making the project 'both emotional and technical'. The packaging is designed to convey a fusion of the Polish heritage and modern design.

Shortly before launching in the USA, Wyborowa Single Estate was awarded a double gold medal in San Francisco, followed by a gold medal at the Chicago Beverage Testing Institute, and has been voted as 'one of the best' amongst New York Times journalists in January, 2005.


Jackie 2007-07-13 05:20:49

I agree with Ian's review. This is an exceptional vodka that actually has some bouquet and taste - I get almonds and citrus. I highly recommend this for the purist!

Ian 2006-11-16 05:12:30

I first heard of this vodka on this website,I bought it as a birthday present for a friend not realising how good it was!!My friend can't drink neat vodka but said I'd love this,as it was the best he'd ever tasted!! Had I known when I bought it what I'd let go, I would of kept it for myself. If you can get it, do!! And never let it go!!!