Stroh - Original 80%

Powerful Shooter

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Overproof Rum Spiced Rum

Stroh symbolises Austrian tradition, taste and delight.

Stroh fuels your fantasies in finishing thrilling desserts, flambes of exclusive dishes, mixing cool drinks, creating wild cocktails.

Or simply indulging in one of the planets most powerful shooters.


Darren Burn 2015-11-28 17:24:34

First had this drink in 2002 in Germany, was stationed out there, this drink blew my head off with a unique strong smell and taste, deffo not something I would do in shooters, full flavour, and hell of a kick, deffo 1 to get rid of colds etc. Not a drink for me personally but I do know others that love it (I took some back to UK with me for friends n family to try their reaction was priceless).

Crannog Dolmen 2012-06-23 04:37:47

I was introduced to STROH 80 by my in-laws, who added it to my tea as medicinal alcohol to remedy a sore throat. This is the only way that I know and love, and drink my beloved STROH 80. And it is even better tasting than Buckleys ;)

Martin Wood 2009-01-08 22:13:09

I bought this on the strength of the reviews, especially the "rumballs/Thorntons" one & I think this is a stunning beverage! I drink a about 1-2cms of this in a shot glass which I sip for about 1/2 hour. This is the sweetest and yummiest rum I have ever tasted - could you possibly cram more flavour in ? - I think not!! I enjoy just one sip, wait a few mins, have a swig of cold water, wait a few more mins then I'm ready for another one :)

C Hussein 2008-12-05 18:35:28

Ermm. to the Glaswegian guy , it's 80% volume not 80 proof. This drink is 160 proof. Amazing drink. Start every night out with a shot of it.

Adrian Cummings 2008-11-12 12:52:17

For me, it's best with coke, and is probably the best rum on the planet.