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Fever Tree - Premium Indian Tonic Water

Premium Mixer

24x 200ml Bottles £21.12
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Fever Tree source the very best quinine from the Rwanda Congo border and blend with the highest quality spring water together with eight botanical flavours.

The result is a delicious, natural tonic water with a uniquely clean, refreshing taste and aroma, that was always intended for premium gins and vodkas but, uniquely was also delicious drunk on its own over ice.

Fever Tree is without artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives and contains natural quinine, cane sugar, spring water, citric acid and 'other ingredients', those only known to Fever Tree.

They have enjoyed meteoric success since their first tonic water was released in 2005 to universal acclaim.

Founders, Charles Rolls of Plymouth Gin fame and Tim Warrilow, a highly experienced luxury foods marketer, set out to create a new tonic water, knowing other tonics lacked quality ingredients, they preferring instead to rely upon synthetic ingredients, rather than the raw and natural.

'If 3/4 of your Gin & Tonic is the tonic, make sure you use the best'. Tim Warrillow.

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Gustav Nyby Lise 2015-11-07 13:43:36

The best mixers out there are Fever-Tree's, and this is the stable of the range. Sweet, deliciously citrusy and elegantly carbonated, this is an excellent tonic water with a strong, oily lemon peel character. Bitterness is crisp and clean with a pleasantly fading aftertaste. If you prefer your tonic water to be sweet and with a citrus-oily kick, this is the one for you. If you want a more light, clear tonic to enhance fruits and herbs in more unorthodox gins, go with Fever-Tree's Mediterranian tonic.

Michael Collins 2008-10-26 23:23:07

I discovered this tonic water when I was in a certain premium supermarket. It goes fantastically well with gin. The advantage is that it has no artificial sweeteners which most of the others are so fond of putting in so there is no chemical bitter after-taste. This is now the only tonic I'll buy.