Pyrat - XO Reserve

Smooth Taste

70cl Bottle £36.76
Available 11th Nov 2016

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Gold Rum

Pyrat XO Reserve is a select blend of fine, 15 year old Caribbean rums.

It's smooth taste and delicious flavour is complimented by it's rich amber colour.

Pyrat XO Reserve is excellent over ice with a twist of lemon or as an ingredient in a premium rum drink.

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Wade Hargreaves 2011-08-19 08:26:32

I picked up a bottle of this coming back through the dutyfree at Madrid airport last month. Very smooth with vanilla/fruit tones and very drinkable. I found it fairly sweet and not having much of a sweet tooth it didn\'t really hit the spot like my favourite Ron Zacapa Centenario 23. My sister and brother-in-law however did prefer it to the Ron Zac. I suspect this would also be very good base flavour when used in a cocktail but it very drinkable by itself.

domenico stefanelli 2010-07-19 08:55:16

This Rum was one of the best I have ever tasted., The flavours are very distinct, the first thing I noticed was vanilla and caramel. Everything else was a fantastic mixture of flavours. 10 out of 10.

domenico stefanelli 2010-03-31 20:12:53

Very distinct taste, sweet and smooth I was enjoying it with a slice of lime or straight. I didn't have a favourite rum until now.

Elizabeth Harding 2009-09-23 20:44:24

What a superb rum! up until now, Pussers was the favoured rum in our house (hubby being ex forces and has severd in the Carribean!) but ordered this as a 1 off pressent for him. Trouble is, this has not been allowed to be a 1 off! Lovely smooth taste, with a distinct mellow flavour. Marks out of 10? Definite 10, with Pussers now being a 9 3/4.

Elliot Barden 2006-06-19 19:13:28

When I first tasted this rum I was a little surprised at how smooth this drink was - it reminded me of a very smooth, expensive whisky and nothing at all like the 'navy' style rums we are all used to at the pub. I could really taste the wood of the barrels it had been aged in and friends agreed. Like most rums it is fairly sweet and I would say it would be best enjoyed neat or over ice to fully appreciate the subtle flavours - mixing it with something like coke is probably best left to the cheaper rums as in my opinion this hides all the character found in this very drinkable (if somewhat expensive) spirit.