ULTRA - Blue Super Premium

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ULTRA - Blue Super Premium

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Elegant dignity of the ultra-blue glass is ideal for preserving the exquisite taste and super premium quality of this unique and vibrant Russian vodka. Four-time distilled Ultra spirit is fused with a touch of aromatic thyme and wholemeal wheat and rye crisp bread to create modern vodka with a smooth clean finish and a subtle hint of exotic.

Each bottle of Ultra is a flawless combination of unique design and award winning quality of genuine Russian vodka. It has developed a cult following among the successful and sophisticated people of new Russia who value its dynamic style. Ultra is produced from the highest quality natural ingredients using traditional centuries-old Russian recipes and ultra-modern technologies for the smoothest vodka possible. The unique idea and the excellence of craftsmanship have created the first revolutionary modern Russian vodkas - Ultra Classic and Ultra Blue.

Crafted from selected golden grains of wheat grown naturally in the heartland of Russia, vodka Ultra is distilled four times for ultimate smoothness. Complex charcoal and silver membrane filtration eliminates all impurities and heavy alcohols. Only natural water from cool underground springs that runs through a process of multi-level filtration is used to ensure unparalleled crystal clear purity. Highest quality natural ingredients - sweet honey, aromatic thyme, golden oat flakes and wholemeal wheat and rye crisp bread - are gently blended into the spirit to achieve a perfect balance of taste.

A patented conical form of the Ultra bottle has been designed in accordance with the Golden Section, or Phi as it is known in geometry. Vodka Ultra deserves a perfect bottle of divine proportions crowned with a unique sphere lens. The lens concentrates the energy of the vodka by safeguarding the molecular structure of the natural water used to make Ultra. Measuring the degree at which a ray of light passes through the vodka in the lens is a final intricate quality control which uses patented state of the art technology not available anywhere else. Ultra value their vodka so highly they even use precious platinum to decorate the bottle.

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Jane 2005-08-23 14:40:26

Finally, something worthy of attention has come from Russia! Forget the space shuttles and the many tzars... all these post Soviet hype wannabe-smirnoff cheap and ghastly vodkas. Ultra Blue is very different. The bottle is pure art! It's so exquisite I cannot bring myself to throw it away. It has the purity and smoothness like what you expect from Grey Goose or Belvedere, but the taste is much more interesting - I cannot quite guess the undertones yet, it's something exotic and fresh. Definetely the one to drink neat. No harshness whatsoever. A truly original super premium vodka from Russia, at last - and the price is friendly too. Very impressed.