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Hennessy - XO


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  • ABV40%
  • RegionCognac

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Father's Day XO

Hennessy XO was created in 1870 by Hennessy for the personal use of Mr. Maurice Hennessy, his family and freinds.

The 100 eaux-de-vie assembled to create X.O were aged for a long time - some for 30 years - to give an unparalleled robustness. Maurice Hennessy gave the name X.O to this extraordinary "extra old" cognac.

Its intense and deep amber colour is a sign of its strength. Its flavours of candied fruit and its subtle and lightly spicy nose create a complete harmony: a mark of its power and roundness. To taste, a smooth, full sensation gives a simultaneously powerful and soft tonality with a hint of cocoa and a warm fruity presence. The long finish expresses all the complexity of the cognac's blending and its long aging process.

At once deep and powerful, its character seduces connoisseurs, who appreciate its undeniable modernity and constant revelation of layers of flavours, whether tasted neat, on ice or with a splash of still or sparkling water.

Limited stocks available as world demands exceeds production.


duran dobson 2011-10-11 16:16:27

I\'ve been waiting to try this since I fist saw it in Selfridge\'s over 12 months ago, the only thing stopping me was the price tag as I am getting married this month, so needing to save money I abstained from buying it. As a birthday gift, my father bought me a bottle. I must admit I was really shocked at his generosity. I must admit though I did find it a very nice drink and quite strong too, it didn\'t live up to my expectation. For the price I though it would taste more mellow and less sharp, I found it no more appetising than a standard bottle of Three Barrels.

Champagne Scally 2011-09-30 12:05:23

I treated myself to a bottle of this for my birthday and I LOVE IT! Only problem is now I will always want to have a bottle in the cupboard, well worth the money imo.

David Beasley 2010-11-10 11:56:06

Well after pondering for a few weeks whether I could a) Actually afford it, b) Justify spending this much on a single bottle of spirit, c) Want to take the risk of not liking it; I finally decided to pluck up courage, bite the bullet and splash out on a bottle of the Hennessy XO. All I can say is WOW, well worth the risk....If like me you\'ve been used to drinking sub-£30 brandy\'s this is a whole different ball-game. I\'m converted! The taste is so smooth, rounded, toffee like, you have to really ration yourself otherwise 2-3 sessions, the bottle would be gone. The aroma of caramel/toffee is particularly noticeable the following morning when you come back down and sniff the empty glass from the night before, you\'d think you\'d been drinking Todka! If these big price cognac suppliers wanted to increase their sales, they really ought to make miniatures of their £90+ bottles, it\'d take the risk factor away from new buyers such as me. I\'ll be buying this as often as I can afford it now, and might even splash out for \'Paradis\' next.

Carl Johnson 2009-09-28 17:31:44

This is my favourite brandy so far - but I will be trying more! It is wonderfully smooth and went in just over a month - with a little help from my friends! Of the other XO's Remy Martin is my 2nd favourite, Hine XO 3rd, Delmain Pale & Dry XO 4th and Courvoisier Imperial XO 5th.

joel stuart 2009-04-28 21:54:21

Hennesy-XO is very well made and complex. While Remy Martin is simply not as smooth as Hennessy, I strong feel that the Remy still does possess a better taste. Remy has been working on this for Hundreds of Years, and know how to combine and age Cognac. Having tried Remy Louis XIII before, I can assure one that it is the best Cognac in the World available ! For those who want to have 'some' of the Ultra Louie quality, but cannot part with $$$, I would try Remy Extra Perfection!