BUNDABERG - Distillers No3

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BUNDABERG - Distillers No3

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Gold Rum

Distiller's No.3 is named after the triple filtering process developed and perfected via know-how from over 100 years of proud distilling history at the Bundaberg Distilling Company.

This truly unique rum is a triple filtered (charcoal, chill and polished), double distilled blend of classic Bundaberg Rum and a reserve blend of Bundaberg White Rum. This three-tiered process guarantees a lighter flavour and a smoother finish.

Lighter in colour than UP, Distiller's No. 3 stands distinct from the category as it's developed through know-how (not age).

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David Nesbitt 2008-03-22 10:06:45

This has to be the best tasting rum ever. Weather you drink it straight or with a mixer, it is a taste sensation. It is so hard to get hold of though, seem to only find it in walkabout pubs and some select wetherspoons. Buy this rum, you will not be disappointed!!

Karl Betschwar 2006-01-31 13:27:53

As a seasoned Bundy drinker of over 15 years, I faced Distillers No.3 with some intrepidation. Bundaberg Rum has stood the test of time in it's two formats UP and OP and this new kid on the block was going to have to do something pretty special to usurp these two as Australia's Premium Dark Rum. Distillers No.3 does just this in buckets. A smooth yet full bodied rum deceptively rich with the real Bundy flavour shining through. I have had the pleasure in the past, of drinking both OP and UP neat and have enjoyed the rush of taste sensations this gives. This said, drinking straight Distillers No.3 takes this experience to a new level of satisfaction. Never have I enjoyed Rum in so many ways. Bundaberg Rum has always stood as one of the true Kings of Dark Rum, better than so many (even most Carribeans!) Now I think it stands alone. Enjoy!


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