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The quality of any vodka depends on three crucial factors: The raw materials. The distillation process. The water.

In Xellent, all three are something special.

The basic ingredient used in Xellent, vodka is pure, top-quality Swiss rye. It is cultivated in the alpine foothills of central Switzerland, at altitudes of 500 to 800 metres, in fields no larger than two hectares. They use only the very best bread-quality rye. The varieties grown in this region are unusually resistant to disease and under constant supervision. The grain is harvested only when there has been relatively little rainfall and is then taken to a small country mill just a few hundred metres from Distillerie Willisau SA (DIWISA). There, it is washed and ground before being delivered to DIWISA. The quantity may be limited, but the quality is all the better for it.

The starch in the ground rye is released, liquified, converted to grain sugar and gently fermented in a three-step process. During the first stage - and this is unique for vodka - the fermented mash is carefully distilled in a traditional, small copper alembic. This gives Xellent, Swiss vodka its incomparable flavour. In the second phase, the raw spirit is purified in a reflux still consisting of a small copper column with 45 plates. DIWISA is the only distillery that possesses equipment of this kind, which enable it to produce vodka of this quality. But even now, the vodka still falls short of their exacting standards. So they distil the spirit a third time to remove any remaining impurities, a process that also refines and harmonizes the flavour of the spirit. At this point, the vodka has an alcohol content of over 96% vol.

After resting for several months, the vodka is diluted with water. The quality of the water used in Xellent, is critical and comes from the Titlis glacier at the heart of central Switzerland. It seeps from a height of 3000 metres down through the mountain and is collected in the upper Engelberg valley, about 15 metres below ground. The water is soft, rich in oxygen and minerals, and elegantly underscores the fine flavour of rye vodka. Gradually, with short, regular rest phases in between, the pure, clear glacier water with its own distinctive flavour is added to the high-percentage vodka. Its slight alkalinity also helps to make Xellent, in contrast to other acidic spirits, virtually neutral. To complete the process and give Xellent, Swiss vodka its perfect flavour, the spirit is now filtered several times. With all the clarity of pure crystal, only now will it satisfy the palate of the discerning connoisseur.

Xellent, is a pure, slightly sweet-tasting 40% vol. spirit, consisting of nothing but vodka and water. It is a genuinely unique Swiss quality product with a note of exclusivity.


James 2008-02-11 19:22:47

My favourite vodka of all! I've tried so so many! this is far superior in my mind to ultimat and u'luvka, i've worked for revolution vodka bars now for almost 3 years .. so yes, i've tried a hell of alot of vodka and this is my favourite! love it!

skip graham 2007-02-07 01:32:20

I come across more, and more, new-found admirers of this Superb Vodka all the time, whether they be seasoned connoisseurs from trade backgrounds, or brand newbies straight out of 'smirnoff primary'. Even the most pigheaded subject, ends up admitting that YES, this is glorious! It's the purity, and cleanliness, matched with such flavoursome creaminess that melts in your mouth. It sounds like an ad for chocolate, which personally I do get hints of with this Vodka. Whatever you get from it, its undeniably rich and smooth, and definitely the drink for those in the know.

Peter 2007-02-05 20:48:29

Spent an evening and a bucket load of the company's money on this in Claridges and I can honestly say that this is a damn decent Vodka. Normally I only drink the stuff with loads of mixers, but this stuff can be drunk neat without the usual hit of chemicals you get with some other luxury brands. The bottle screams of Swtitzerland so you know you're buying quality (and, though the stuff's not cheap, it's nowhere near the rip-off prices you pay for some brands), and it's a really good talking point when you've got international clients out with you. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes something different or people who think that Vodka only tastes good if it's mixed.

naomi 2007-01-30 13:15:00

i was recently at a bar in london, and was recommended to try this vodka, i did with cranberry juice and have been hooked ever since! its really different and good value - try it!

Tom 2006-10-26 12:24:21

I tried this product in a Vodka Revolution, and have been hooked ever since. This has to be the smoothest vodka I've ever tried, its tasting notes are very strong but never harsh. Try making a martini with this vodka. Believe me its Xellent!!!!


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