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DOVGAN - Admiral

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Traditionally Russians like their vodka neat and gently chilled. To them, vodka that tastes of nothing is for people who don't like vodka. Dovgan Admiral is for people that do like vodka. It's smooth, has a warm heart, a hint of sweet vanilla and a distinctive peppery finish that makes it perfect not only for use with mixers and in cocktails but also for drinking alone.

Russian vodkas are normally made from a common spirit base bought in from ex-Government owned producers but Dovgan's distillers produce their own refined spirit base. It is this spirit base, together with the mineral water drawn from the natural well that the distillery is built over and the unique sand column purification process that give Dovgan Admiral its exceptionally clean, distinctive taste.

Dovgan is the only national vodka brand in Russia that is made in just one distillery and distributed across the Russian Federation, so uniquely it's a single estate brand. Unlike other so-called Russian vodkas available in the UK, this is the genuine article. It's not just vodka with a semi Russian name and it's not a vodka made in Russia exclusively for the export market. It's made by Russians in Russia for Russians.

The Dovgan offered on is this same Russian product which has recently arrived in the UK, making Dovgan the most authentic Russian vodka available in the UK today.

Dovgan Admiral - the genuine taste of modern Russia.

'Dovgan Admiral has a naturally polished soft lusciousness akin to many of the super and ultra premium vodkas, but without the typical glycerinesque syrupiness.' - Michael Butt - Theme Barman of the Year.


2006-03-08 13:43:43

Mr Dovgan is a Jewish crook from Russia in his 40th. His qualification or background has nothing to do with producing vodka in the past. Russians have never drunk the so-called Dovgan vodka in the past. I tried it in Russia and had nothing to rememeber about it, so do my Russian friends. Cheers.

Karen Purves 2005-11-07 09:59:52

This is a really smooth drink. Easy to go down, lovely straight or in a cocktail. Beware though, the morning may not be as smooth!!

Becki Thomas 2005-11-06 10:31:35

We tried this new vodka on Friday night and absolutely loved it! It is super smooth - really easy to drink and tastes fab with apple juice! I would really recommend it - as a keen vodka drinker - this is the best I've tried in ages.

Ellis Pratt 2005-11-05 11:09:09

This is a really good vodka - authentic in taste, drinkable neat on the rocks. If you read the background of Dovgan, you'll understand why it's a proper vodka.


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